Verso Check-in Advanced Options: Reflection prompts as lenses on learning

“We do not learn from experience… we learn from reflecting on experience.” John Dewey

When we ask students to respond to a  Verso instant Check-in, we are asking them to reflect on what and how they are learning. They are then required to consider the extent to which they felt challenged by the learning experience before sharing how they are feeling about their learning.

Research tells us that this cognitive and metacognitive process is a vital part of learning, but  in action-oriented, fast-paced, classrooms, working within the constraints of the timetable, reflection is often the first thing to go.

This short video discusses the importance of planning dedicated time for student reflection and explores the additional advantages of using Verso’s advanced check-in feature to direct and deepen student thinking using a series of open ended reflection prompts.

These prompts have been organised in 8 distinct collections; each offering a different lens on student capabilities, thinking and understanding. Furthermore, all of the prompts in the collection can be adapted by the teacher to meet their formative assessment requirements more closely, or teachers can design and add prompts of their own.