How does Verso deliver professional inquiry that leads to sustained school improvement?

Run Student Check-ins

Check-ins are ready made, research-informed and can be launched to multiple classes in just 2 clicks. Verso Check-ins provide an opportunity for student reflection and formative assessment.

Every student can share with their teacher:

  • Key insights into what they are learning;
  • Their progress and next steps;
  • The teaching strategies that help them the most; and
  • How they are feeling about their learning.

Check-in Dashboard

Supervised machine learning codes student responses for the teacher, revealing how the lesson was received and the support required to move learning forward.

Collaborate with Colleagues

Teachers can share Check-in data with a coach or selected colleagues, allowing teachers to comment on each other’s data and share expertise to support growth and development.

Teacher Impact Dashboard

Previous Check-ins are collated for teachers to show their impact and growth over time. Teachers use their confidential personalised dashboard to set and monitor priorities and select areas for development.

School / System Impact Data

Classroom data is collated to produce whole school or system-wide reports. School data can be used to set and monitor progress against priorities and can be viewed by school, subject and year level.

Student Reflection Dashboard

Each student’s homepage is a dashboard on how they are engaging in their learning and highlights preferred classroom strategies, supporting agency, ownership and self-management.