Empowering Student Voice with Instant Check-ins

Verso is very excited to announce the launch of its new Instant Check-in Tool for 2021, which has been co-designed with students to support and empower Student Voice in classrooms.

The new Verso Instant Check-in makes it even faster and easier to create, launch in class and listen to Student voices. Based on feedback from students and teachers, we have made a number of important changes to our popular student check-in tool.

Most importantly we have shifted the responsibility for articulating a learning objective from the teacher to the student. This fundamental change, provides students the opportunity to articulate their own understanding of the learning intention, providing important feedback to the teacher on whether students have really understood the purpose of the lesson.

This powerful shift makes it easier to check-in with students, reducing the process to a simple select and send. However, more importantly, it now requires students to engage more deeply by elevating the requirement that students invest in understanding where they are going in their learning. This lays the foundation for focused reflection, so that students are able to monitor their progress and make informed decisions about the support, strategies and tools essential to move their learning forward.

Other changes include more inclusive  student centred language that focuses on developing joint responsibility for learning, new set of emotions developed by students to reflect how they feel in 'low' and 'high' agency classrooms  and an adaptive list of strategies that help learning that will change over time based on student feedback.

Its never been easier to listen to every voice in the classroom and we've got lots more to come over the next few months. Login to try the new check-in now from your class page, or create a new account and get started.