Introducing the new "My Impact" teacher dashboard

“Student voice’ is the intentional collection of students’ thinking and feedback on their learning, and the use of these voices to inform and improve teaching, learning, and school-wide decision making.”

Prof Helen Timperley

The "My Impact" Dashboard provides access to classroom data capable of informing professional inquiry. The profile dashboard allows teachers to evaluate the impact of current practice on the ability of students to take ownership of their learning, as assessment capable learners, sharing real-time insights into the ability of each student to:

  • clearly articulate the learning objective
  • self assess progress and understanding
  • Use contextually appropriate vocabulary and success criteria to evidence and discuss their learning

It also provides valuable insight into cognitive and emotional wellbeing, feedback on student perceptions of challenge, and the ability of students to apply appropriate verbs to discuss what they are learning.

Unlike the Teacher Check-in Dashboard, which provides an essential source of data from an individual lesson, the  Teacher Profile presents data from the last 5 check-ins alongside school averages. When used together, these dashboards allow the intentional collection of students’ thinking and feedback on their learning to guide next learning steps for students and decisions about content and approaches by teachers and  the addition of the Teacher Profile now informs the development of professional goals and broader decisions about teaching and learning.

Teacher Profile data can also be filtered to show differences between classes and used to support professional conversations about the impact of aspects of a teacher’s practice with coaches and learning specialists, and the work of PLCs.

According to Hattie’s analysis, students’ ability to report thoughtfully on their own performance has a massive effect size of 1.44.