Verso activates student voice for teacher reflection and measurable school improvement

A guide to running your first Verso Check-in

Introduction: The critical importance of connecting students with the learning objective.

The curse of completion and compliance:“Learning intentions have a priming effect on learners. They signal to the student what the purpose is for learning and prevent students from having to fall back on the lowest rung of the ladder, which is compliance”

Frey, Hattie, Fisher, 2018 “Developing Assessment Capable Visible Learners”


Allocate sufficient time for reflection.We recommend 20 - 25 minutes for the first reflection. This should give you time to guide students through the process and discuss the importance of checking in. This is an essential early investment in building an understanding of the importance of deliberate reflection and the benefits to the student. It is important that students understand what the teacher sees and how the check-in data will be used to connect all students to their learning more effectively.It is clear from responses from some classes that students believe they are talking to Verso when completing the check-in rather than communicating their progress to their teacher.

Think carefully about the learning objective.Consider how you will share this with your students. Learning objectives have a priming effect on learners and are the foundation of reflection.